Have you ever heard Bulalord? The Bulalord is a modified version of Flappy Bird modify by one of the members in Bulalord is actually came from the word Bulalo”, a kind of beef dish in the Philippines and Lord” means someone or a master.

Bulalord, A Modified Version Of Flappy Bird

Believe it or not! Instead of a bird and pipes, you will notice a guy face flying in that game, the pipes became a cup of beef noodles matching with a sutsot sound effect. Same as Flappy Bird, you need to tap to flap the wings to fly, avoid pipes or the cup noddles, and try to get the one (1) Peso for the reward. Lol 😛

This game works on any Android devices. In case you want to try Bulalord,  uninstall first the original Flappy Bird then install the Bulalord.

Don’t forget to try Squishy Bird and get revenge to that freakin’ bird.

Credit: Cookie4life