How To Root Lenovo A60+ In A Easiest Way

Published On Aug 10, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

How To Root Lenovo A60+ In A Easiest Way

Root your Lenovo A60+ in a easiest way, compare to other rooting procedures that using to many rooting tools or software, this rooting procedure use SRS Root that can root any Android devices easily in just one click. The software contains multiple exploits to gain root access on your device. SRS Root Supports Android versions 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and can root latest models like Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note, Note2, etc.

This rooting procedure is made and shared by Mr. James Paul Rostata Erlina of Lenovo’s group in Facebook, so I give all credits to him. According to him this rooting procedure works only on Windows 7 and above, not yet on Windows XP.


  • Lenovo A60+
  • PC/Laptop (Windows 7/8)
  • USB Cable
  • SRS Root Set-up – link
  • USB Driver
  • Android ADB Interface – Install first the Android ADB Interface before you install the driver. Please visit thread to download the file and how to set ADB on Windows 7.

How To Root Lenovo A60+:

  • Extract SRS Root file to get the USB Driver and SRS Root Set-up.
  • Install the USB Driver of Lenovo A60+ manually to your computer.
  • Once the USB Driver installed, install the SRS Root Set-up and open it.
  • Connect the USB Cable from your computer to your phone. (Make sure the USB Debugging is enabled)
  • On the SRS screen, click “ROOT DEVICE [ SMART ROOT ]” and wait the SRS to root your device.
  • Once you saw the “ROOTING COMPLETE” it will reboot automatically or if not just reboot it manually.
  •  Viola! Your phone now is rooted

Disclaimer:  Rooting your phone does run a risk to potentially bricking it and to void the warranty. We don’t have any responsible no matter what happened to your device “do this at your own risk”.

Credits: James Paul Rostata Erlina