How To Root MyPhone A818i Duo

How To Root MyPhone A818i Duo

Published On Jul 31, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

Looking for a tutorial on how to root MyPhone A818i Duo? Well, finally! The rooting procedure for A818i Duo smartphone is now available, Thanks to Mr. Louie Ocampo – member of Pinoy tech forum – Well, I’ll give all credits to him & to Phcorner as well. Good jod!

Few months ago, we’ve posted an article about on how to root MyPhone A818 Slim Duo and a818 Slim Duo CWM rooting procedure, However! There are A818i Duo users always asking if these two procedures are the same process  for  their A818i Duo phone.

I must say that they are different, the A818 Slim Duo have a MT6573 that using MT6573_Android_scatter.txt and this is not compatible for A818i Duo while the A818i Duo is compatible to MTK6575. Well, not sure about that, please correct me if I’m wrong. Let’s proceed to the step-by-step procedures.

Files Needed:

  • MTK6575 driver – link | Mirror – link
  • MTK DROID Root and Tools – link | Mirror – link


  • Download first the MTK6575 driver and install it into your PC. (Make sure that you choose the right driver compatible for your Windows OS).
  • Once the driver is installed, go to this link, download the file provided in that site. (Follow the screenshot below).

  • Then install the file. How? See the images below.

  • After the installation, We need to enable the USB debugging. How? Go to settings > application > development and check/enable the USB debugging.
  • Connect your phone to your PC, enable USB connection to your phone then you’ll see a model of your phone (A818I DUO) appearing at the upper left of Ishuaji root tool. Follow the image below to gain root access to your phone.

  • After that, this window has come.

  • Then your phone will reboot three times but the important is don’t try to disconnect your phone to PC

  • After the rooting process, you will notice that your window will back in to the start, this time, you may now disconnect your phone from PC.
  • Open your phone, you will see the Chinese app installed but don’t worry about on this app, this is not a virus and it’s superuser  app in a Chinese character. Try to download root checker in playstore to check if your phone now is rooted.

Follow this step to gain root shell, superuser english version, mobile uncle tools, busybox and root explorer.

  • Download the MTK DROID Root and Tools (link provided above).
  • Unzip the file and run the MTKDROIDTOOL.EXE.
  • Connect your phone, make sure the USB debugging and USB connection are enabled, after that follow the image provided below (Note: Make sure the phone is ON)

  • Take note, the yellow indication in MTK Root Tool will became green once the loading bar is completed. Follow the final step, See the screenshot below.

  • You may now disconnect your phone from PC and you will noticed that you have a superuser english version, mobile uncle tool, root explorer installed in your phone.
  • Congratulations! Your phone now is rooted.


Here’s the simple reminder for you guys, Don’t forget to make a system and data back-up, If you want to try to flash any custom ROM to your phone.


Tech Blogger Zone will not reliable to any data loss occurs to your device, rooting your phone does run a risk to potentially bricking it just do this at your own risk!

Credits to Mr. Ocampo and Phcorner