How To Update Starmobile Astra To Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Published On Jun 10, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

Update now your Starmobile Astra to Jelly Bean, Starmobile has now officially released their Jelly Bean update for Starmobile Astra so you can now update your Stamobile Astra on your own. But before anything else I would like to thanks this guy who shared this on Starmobile Diamond Facebook group, His name is Takai Hiro, good job dre!


Hey! Folks, Ms. Fifi shared some tips on how to fix the problem about the not detected unknown devices in installing drivers thanks to her, See it at installing drivers step 3.

How To Update Starmobile Astra To Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Ok! Please make sure that you have a back up files including contacts, SMS, videos, music, etc before procceding and also make sure you have a stable internet connection before downloading the files to avoid error messages.

If you’re not experienced flashing phones, might as well seek help from someone who’s knowlegable flashing phones.

Starmobile will not reliable to any data loss as well as problems which may caused by improper updating procedures.

Files Needed:

Instructions: Update Starmobile Astra To Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

In this tutorial I will teach you how to install the Flash Tool, the second is on how to install Stamobile Astra drivers, lastly updating your Starmobile Astra.

Installing Flash Tool:

  1. First you need to download the Jellybean Update Tools provided above.
  2. Extract the into the empty folder.
  3. Open SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119.
  4. Select “Download Agent” and choose “MTK_AllinOne_DA.bin”
  5. Select “Scatter-loading” and choose “MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt” under V23 folder and image folder.

Installing the Drivers:

  1. Go to My computer -> right click -> properties -> device manager.
  2. Insert the other end of the USB cable to the computer.
  3. Turn off your phone and then turn it on while holding the power+vol up+vol down, after this you will see a logo appeared in your phone and you will notice on your PC -> Device Manager the Unknown Device.
  4. Right click the Unknown Device and press update driver software.
  5. Press Browse My Computer for Driver Software.
  6. Browse the destination of the driver and choose its compatible OS. Click next.
  7. Press the folder “driver for ASTRA” then press ok.
  8. Unplug the Starmobile Astra from your computer after Windows has installed the driver.

Updating your Starmobile Astra:

  1. Go back to the Flash Tool and press Firmware-> Upgrade.
  2. Wait for the Pink loading bar to finish and insert the other end of the USB cable to the computer again (Make sure your phone is turned off).
  3. If the status bar below shows progress, please wait until the pop-up window appears. Click CLOSE when finished.
  4. Your Astra is now updated to 4.1 Jelly Bean

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  • Paul

    Nothing happens after Step 2 of Updating. Am I missing something?

  • Paul

    Will this delete my data, like messages?

    • francel200

      yup! so make sure you have a backup.

  • JustSaying

    di man gumagana mga links -_-

    • francel200

      gumagana naman po sakin.

  • john

    walang mangyayari pagkatapos nung step 2 sa updating ehh .. walang process na nangyayari

    • francel200

      try nyo po patayin muna i-turn off yung phone mo tapos syaka mo uli i-update.

      • john

        wla parin po ehh .. may mali po ba sa ginawa ko ? installed napo kasi yung driver ng astra ko sa pc ko kaya hindi ko na ginawa yung update device kasi hindi na unknown ang madedetect

        • francel200

          try mo po uninstall then i-connect mo po uli yung phone mo then dapat unknown then i-reinstall mo po uli yung “driver for ASTRA”

  • Robert Dy

    I can’t update the windows drivers. No “unknown devices” detected

  • maammitch

    hello. paano po mag back up ng files?

    • francel200

      Don’t have any idea, Sorry about that. Hope someone who knows how to backup read this to help you.

  • AndroidBear

    Nothing happens when i plug the usb to the PC.

    • francel200

      try to install the usb drivers.

  • glen

    gusto ko sana iupdate ang astra ko,.kakatakot nga lang

    • francel200

      Hala….Hehe! Goodluck po :)

  • Cara

    when i try to install the driver for astra, it says that the driver is up to date.

    • francel200

      skip this step if you have already astra driver to your pc/laptop.

  • Paolo

    ok lng po ba ito kahit rooted ung astra?

    • francel200

      I think ok lang.

  • fifi

    May kulang ata sa procedure, need mo patayin ung phone then turn it on while holding the power+vol up+vol down, after this may ma aapeared na logo sa phone, and you will notice on your pc>device manager ung ‘unknown device’.

    • francel200

      Thanks fifi sa info add ko nalang. :)

  • TheGuyThatNeedsHelp

    Admin! Need help :/ Nothing happens after I connect my “turned-off” phone is Updating step 2. Why? I don’t know. My phone just shows the “charging screen”. Am I doing something wrong?
    P.S. When I connect my “turned-off” phone then it tries to update my drivers, it installs the Alcatel driver one instead of the Starmobile Astra driver. Why? Please reply asap :))

    • francel200

      What? Why Alcatel driver? What kind of phone are you using?

      • TheGuyWhoNeedsHelp

        @fifi : No. My phone is perfectly fine :)
        @francel200 : I don’t know neither. At first, it installed the right one but then I read your reply to the other guy here that if it’s not working, try reinstalling the drivers. So I did. And that happened. But don’t worry, my phone is updated now! Thanks! :D And in the updating step 2 part, I did something else. After I clicked “Firmware > Upgrade”, it got stucked in searching 0%, I connected my phone, turned it on, enabled usb debugging mode, turned it off again and it stared updating. I don’t know, maybe something is really wrong?
        P.S. After I connected my phone, it updated the Alcatel driver to the Starmobile one. So no need to worry and thanks!
        And lastly, can I flash my astra with the cyanogenmod os? :)

        • fifi

          @TheGuyWhoNeedsHelp what did you do in the part 2?

          And in the updating step 2 part, I did something else.”

          • TheGuyWhoNeedsHelp

            Based on the instructions in Step in Updating, Your phone needs to be turned off first before connecting it to PC, right? Well, I followed that. But, after connecting my turned-off phone, I turned it on, ENABLED USB-Debugging Mode, then, turned it off again. It works for me :) I don’t know if the usb debugging thingy has something to do with that but I think, enabling that will work :)

          • francel200

            I’m not sure about that but based on your feedback I think your phone now is updated. Well! Congrats and thanks for your tips.

          • TheGuyWhoNeedsHelp

            Thanks too for this helpful post! :))

          • Agam Saroop

            Its not working for me.. It kept searching.. i have restarted my phone many times, but its not doing its job… and the way of USB debugging? not working.. please help me

    • fifi

      is your phone on a semi-bricked?

  • fifi

    after a successful update, i notice that my two sims stated “invalid imei”.
    is there any one out der knows how to fix this?

  • john

    excuse me ADMIN .. but the link is dead .. help

    • francel200

      All links are working to me.

      • john

        cant open the driver links

        • francel200

          mirror links added. :)

          • john

            yey!! thanks ADMIN :D

  • DAve

    Admin help .. link is down .. cant download

    • francel200

      mirror links added.

  • francel200

    Ok! Wait guys, Need to download it and re-upload to other file hosting services. I’ll try to up load it in 4shared.

  • CMGT

    update driver does not work.. its saying encountered an error while attempting to install

  • Steve

    bakit wala pong “firmware update sa folder ng flash tool? Im already in this step “Go back to the Flash Tool and press Firmware-> Upgrade.”

    • francel200

      makikita mo po yung Firmware-> Upgrade button sa loob mismo ng flash tool mo wala po sa mga folder.

  • RNastra

    bakit po walang led light kapag may notification like messages or missed call?

  • Stan

    Finally got it to work! It was tricky at first since Windows7 kept wanting to install the Alcatel Driver. I manually forced it to accept the included drivers and it finally worked.

  • Chandu Ch

    Admin can we get this update done on Celkon A87… if yes could ya please guide me with the steps

  • Mark Christian Atienza

    Is the Starmobile Astra driver is compatible on Starmobile Icon or how to root starmobile icon?

  • Shivan Mani

    i downloaded all the files given above. but guys how to select this compatible OS. where it will be

    • francel200

      use Window 7

      • Shivan Mani

        dude i mean which driver i should select for OS. And one more i am getting a error with my USB debugging when i do it on holding power+vol up+ vol down…. What I should do

  • Rex

    Hi Admin. The popup with the green circle po after ko po iplug in na ung phone after pressing firmware update…yun na po ung popup na ibigsabihin tapos na at pde na i-close po?

    • francel200

      yup..pwede na sya i-close

  • Pavankumar Baboori

    dont understand download agent and
    scatter loading