How To Root Starmobile Astra Android Jelly Bean

Published On Jun 13, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

How To Root Starmobile Astra Android Jelly Bean – Recently we’ve published an article about the Starmobile Astra Jellybean update procedure dedicated for all Astra users to give an idea on how to update his/her device, So we’ve decided to make a follow-up article about on this device, let say this is the part 2 of the previous article about Astra. So by the way! In this article we will show you the step-by-step procedure on how to root your Starmobile Astra Android Jelly Bean.

Updates: For those who are experiencing the problem or error about the “Invalid OTA Package.. “missing scatter installtion aborted” this is for you, Thanks to Mr. TheGuyThatGivesHelp for sharing this tip.

Hey! I know how to fix it. This is what I did : I repeated the step in rooting, where you need to open sp flash tool, BUT! you don’t need to remove the sd card and the zip files, while you’re repeating the steps, the sd card is still inserted. Get it? And in the part where you need to reboot in CWM, you should be seeing a blue screen instead of the original one. Reply if I helped 🙂 – TheGuyThatGivesHelp

Note: This rooting procedure works only on Astra Jelly Bean if you want to update your Astra or for those whoever missed the updating procedure visit How to update Starmobile Astra to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Disclaimer: Rooting your phone does run a risk of potentially bricking it, do this at your own risk.

Installing USB Drivers:

  • Download the NEW USB DRIVER at this (link | mirror link).
  • Extract the NEW USB DRIVER to your PC.

For win7 32-bit or any other OS except win8 and win7 64-bit:

  • Turn off your phone, remove the battery and connect your phone to your PC.
  • Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and look for the USB driver for MT65xx Preloader (this flashes on and off every 5 secs or so).
  • Then right click it and select Update Driver.
  • Select the “Browse option” > browse > then navigate to the folder where you extracted NEW USB DRIVER.
  • Open new usb driver > then select Win7/WinXP/WinVista folder.

For Windows 7 64-bit connect your phone to PC (without battery) and let the drivers install. Once done, unplug the USB cable from your phone.

Rooting Starmobile Astra Android Jelly Bean:

  • Download these files MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc (link | mirror link) and recovery.img (link | mirror link).
  • Create a new folder name it to “recovery”
  • Place that 2 files inside the “recovery” folder
  • Download sp_flash_tool  at this (link | mirror link).
  • Open the flash_tool.exe
  • Click scatter-loading
  • Locate the “MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc”  inside the recovery folder that you made earlier.
  • Click “Download” (ignore the warning and click OK)
  • Turn off your phone, remove the battery for 4sec. then insert it back.
  • Connect your phone to the PC (during the phone is off)
  • When the green circle appeared, unplug your phone and turn it on.
  • Download these 2 zip files supersu (link | mirror link) and (link | mirror link).
  • Place it into your SDcard
  • Reboot to CWM (volumeup + power button)
  • Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard
  • Install “supersu”
  • Don’t reboot it yet, then install
  • Reboot and your phone now is rooted.

Thanks and credit to Mr. Arnelo Escranda Palencia and Arvil P. Domingo of Starmobile Astra 2.0 Facebook group. Sign-up now for our free email newsletter or get updates about tech news, gadgets and promos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.