How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Using MotoChopper


Looking for the tutorial about on how to root Samsung Galaxy S4? This rooting procedure is originally posted by Damien McFerran, Writter of Cnet. Actually in this rooting procedure we need to use MotoChopper, But what is the Motochopper? This is the application that performs the rooting process although it’s been developed for Motorola devices but it also works on a certain Qualcomm based phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile branded models.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Using MotoChopper

Rooting your phone does run a risk of potentially bricking it, At this point, since there are no custom recoveries or stock images available, it may not be possible to repair your device should you accidentally brick it. Please be aware of this before performing any modifications to your phone do this at your own risk!

File Needed:
MotoChopper – link

Back up first your phone data although this process won’t wipe any data from your phone, it’s always prudent to make sure you’ve backed up any precious data before proceeding.

Root Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Download the MotoChopper provided above, and extract the entire file contents.
  • Switch on the USB debugging (Navigate to Settings > More > About Phone. Scroll down to Build Number and tap it seven times. This will enable the Developer Options menu, which you can find in the More area of the Setting menu. Navigate there and then tick the USB Debugging box. Next, plug your phone into your PC using your standard micro-USB cable. You’ll have to wait for Windows to install the necessary drivers).
  • Locate the MotoChopper files that you extracted earlier and double click “run.bat” or if you are using Linux or OS X, navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute “./”.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Using MotoChopper

  • After that you’ll see a screen like the one below.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Using MotoChopper

  • Follow all on-screen prompts, press enter to root your phone. Your Galaxy S4 should pop a notification message up — simply tap ‘OK’ to proceed with the rooting process. If you don’t see a message, just double check that you’ve got the latest Samsung drivers and that USB debugging is definitely switched on.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Using MotoChopper

  • Once the process is complete, press enter, and your Galaxy S4 will reboot, Check the Superuser application and if you saw the Superuser installed it means your phone now is successfully rooted.

Goodluck! Hope you found this article useful. 🙂