How To Root Cherry Mobile Click

Published On May 25, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

Again Tech Blogger Zone wants to share new rooting procedure and this time we will teach you how to root Cherry Mobile Click. Unlike rooting procedure about on root Cherry Mobile Cruize or root Cherry Mobile Flare that using bin4ry tool, in this rooting procedure we need to use SRSroot file, but what is SRSroot? SRS-Root is an easy to use solution for rooting your android device, the software contains multiple exploits to gain root access on your device. Ok! Before anything else I would like to thank and give all credits to Mr. Jessie Morales.

How To Root Cherry Mobile Click

Rooting your phone does run a risk to potentially bricking it and it also voids the phone warranty. We don’t have any responsibility no matter what happened to your phone. Do this at your own risk!

Files Needed:

Root Cherry Mobile Click

  • Download first the files provided above.
  • Enable your phone USB debugging by going to “Settings > Developers Options > and mark check the USB debugging.
  • Install the pc driver for android adb (be sure to disconnect first your mobile)

How to install PDAnet?

Double click PdaNetA4126 and run then follow all prompts and accept the agreement then proceed until the phone selection appeared and all you have to do is to choose others and proceed, wait the installation process. After that plug your device and observe, that drivers are being updated and presented thought the installer window.

  • Install Srsroot and after the installation > run the application > plug your Cherry Mobile Click and click the left uppermost option labeled (ALL METHOD) and observe the progress in the program window, wait until a pop up window will appear, Observe also in your Cherry Mobile Click a certain restore page will appear. Click FIRST the pop up window in your pc, (ok) and then click (restore all) in your Cherry Mobile Click afterwards. Another pop up window will appear and your Click will reboot. Be sure not to click (ok) the pop up WINDOW on your pc, and wait until your Click will be fully restarted. (IN CASE IF IT DOESNT REBOOT, JUST MANUALLY POWER IT ON BUT NEVER UNPLUGGED THE USB CABLE) Click> (ok) on the pop up window, (After the Click has been fully started, like the usb debugging service has been started as well/ and you can see it on the top of your device) Observe > the progress on the program window, and just follow the proceeding instructions presented and wait until your device will reboot.
  • After the successful reboot, check if there’s a superuser app on your menu. if it has, then Congratulations!

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Source: Cherry Mobile Click Facebook Group