Top 5 Cherry Mobile Phones Rooting Procedure

Published On Apr 9, 2013 | By France Abaricia | Cherry Mobile, Rooting
Good Day! I just want to share the Tech Blogger ZoneTop 5 Cherry Mobile Phones Rooting Procedure.” I’ve compiled the links of Cherry Mobile phones rooting procedure into a one article, In this article, we have a rooting procedure about Flare, Flare via recovery, Burst, Thunder and Skyfire. Note! Rooting your phone does run a risk to potentially bricking it! also voids your phone warranty, do this at your own risk!

What is rooting?

  • It is a process to access the file system or let say there are files that needs a root privilege to run that files in Android Smartphone device. In laymans term “parang buko pag nakita mo ang buko normal lang na may sabaw at laman, pero sa iba may ibang bagay pa ito na magagawa ex. uling, bunot, langis at iba pa.” (source:

How to root?

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