Stay Connected To Facebook, Twitter And Yahoo! Services With SmartNet App

Stay Connected To Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo! Services With SmartNet, you can view and share post from Facebook and Twitter using your Android Smartphone, IOS and Java enabled phone for free. This application combines two social networks “Facebook and Twitter” with Yahoo! Services into one. Chat with your friends, and use Yahoo Services worry-free of mobile data charges! You can make your own account here (wap | web) or directly using the app and don’t forget to watch the video of Ramon Bautista with his SmartNet on Da Moves.

What are the benefits when you are connected?

  • Chat, Like and Comment to your friends status and view Facebook daily news feed.
  • Post and Mention your Twitter friends, Retweet others post and view Twitter daily news feed.
  • Chat with your friends using Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat and SmartNet Chat together in one application.
  • Connect to your Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Search, and Yahoo! OMG

Also you can access your account via web, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now! Available at App Store for IOS (link) and Google play for Android Smartphone (link), Visit this (link) for your Java enabled phone.

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