How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android

Published On Mar 8, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

Hello Guys, I just want to share this article about on “How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android” actually I saw this rooting procedure posted by arielanne, arielanne is a member of Filipino’s forum called credits to him and also to dark_sami for the screenshots. This article is made for those people who are looking for a solution on how to root their O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android Smartphone and for those people who already successfully experienced this rooting procedure please kindly share your ideas, opinion, suggestions, screenshots and help others to solve their problem with their O+ 8.7 device because I don’t have this kind of phone. Thank You! For more rooting tutorial visit TBZ’s rooting section.

How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android

Q: Why do I need to root my android phone?
A: Here is the simple explanation to the question above, There are some android apps. and games that needs root privelege to run it into your android phone.

Rooting your phone does run the risk of potentially bricking it. Tech Blogger Zone have no responsibility to your device no matter what happened. Do this at your own risk!

Files Needed:

The Easiest Way To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7

    1. First download the MTKXX_preloader_driver, boot.rar, MT6573_Android_scatter.txt, SP_Flash_Tool_v2.1134.00, and SuperOneClick v2.3.3 provided above.
    2. Install the MTKXX_preloader_driver part 1 | part 2 |part 3 (files provided above).
    3. Extract the boot.rar and make sure you have boot.img file.
    4. Using SP_Flash_Tool_v2.1134.00 load first the MT6573_Android_scatter.txt file provided above.
    5. Check BOOTIMG then double click BOOTIMG, browse the boot.img file.

Note: Make sure you selected the boot.img that provided above or else your phone might end up in a boot loop.

  • Please make it sure to enable the debugging mode in your mobile then turn it OFF.
  • Click Download and connect your O+ 8.7 /Oplus8.7 to your Computer.
  • Then wait for download until you see the green circle.
  • Reboot phone
  • Try SuperOneClick v2.3.3 or any rooting tool you are comfortable with.


Screenshots by dark_sami

How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android
How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android
How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android
How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android
How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android
How To Root O+ 8.7 / Oplus 8.7 Android

For ClockWordMod Recovery

  1. Download CWM Recovery and extract it.
  2. Flash this using SP_Flash_Tool_v2.1134.00 file given above. This also same process of boot.img, load same scatter file.
  3. Instead of using boot.img, choose and browse recovery.
  4. Load recovery.img provided or else it won’t work.

For Stock Recovery

  • In case you don’t like the CWM anymore download the Stock Recovery.

Symbianize Members Positive Feedback:


  • ok na sir rooted na o+ ko. thankz!!

Capslock 1800:

  • tol salamat root na


  • Thanks boss! Rooted na !

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  • Arielanne for the tutorial procedures and files
  • Dark_sami for the screenshots