How To Flash And Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2

Published On Mar 22, 2013 | By France Abaricia | How To

Recently I made an article about rooting MyPhone A818 Slim Duo but with this article I want to discuss the step by step procedures on “How To Flash And Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2.” But before that Tech Blogger Zone would like to thanks Cyberangel22k of Symbianize for this methods, GM Heroic for informing us for this methods and to the help from the creator of MTKdroids tools (Rua1 of XDA Developers) again thank you guys.

How To Flash And Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2
How To Flash And Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2



Rooting your phone does run the risk of potentially bricking it, it also voids warranty so do your homework before attempting anything.



  • A windows based PC
  • MTK Droid Root & Tools & SP Flash Tool
  • Drivers

Updated Files:


Update: March 26, 2013
To make this work without errors, don’t use other drivers available in the web. Just install One Touch Upgrade S (link).

It will install the USB VCOM preloader driver. It will be needed by the SPFT to detect the phone. Use this ADB_usb_driver (link provided above) for the MT65xx_android_phone.

For those getting error 4050, download this version of SPFT (link).

If ever you get stucked in an error and your device wont boot anymore, just use One Touch Upgrade and your phone will be as good as new.

Guide: CWM recovery

  1. Open SP Flash tool and select the scatter file by clicking on the Scatter-loading button.
  2. Remove all checks except the RECOVERY. Click recovery and select the CWM recovery image.
  3. Click Download button. (disregard errors and continue anyway) Turn off phone, remove battery and connect the phone (without battery) and when until SP Flash tool detects the phone and watch as it flash the image.
  4. I everything passes without errors, unplug the phone, reinsert battery and boot to recovery by pressing power + volume up.
  5. Now you have a working CWM recovery. We are ready to flash the Superuser app to gain root.

Guide: Superuser

  1. While still on CWM recovery, plug the phone into PC again.
  2. Open MTKdroidtools and wait till it detects the phone. Go to root, backup, recovery tab.
  3. Click backup. (Wait for the task to complete)
  4. Click Super User. (Wait for the task to complete)
  5. Click Build.prop. (Wait for the task to complete)
  6. Click Delete china. (Wait for the task to complete)
  7. Select to use boot from phone and click Recovery and Boot.
  8. If the device did not reboot by itself, unplugand reboot it and wait for it to boot. If it boot so long, you’re bricked. But don’t worry, It’s normal.
  9. Open SP Flash tool, and select the scatterfile again. Remove all checks except BOOTIMG. Click BOOTIMG and select the boot.img. Click download and plug the phone without battery. Wait till if finishes flashing.
  10. If you got here without errors, reboot the phone and wait. It will boot normally and no data will be lost. You will see superuser app in your app drawer. You are now rooted!

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Tech Blogger Zone have no responsibility to your device no matter what happened, do this at your own risk!