How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare

Published On Dec 8, 2012 | By France Abaricia | How To

Hello guys, Looking for the tutorials about rooting Cherry Mobile Flare? I found this tutorial in MZonePH forum posted by ∞Kealli08∞, I don’t know who he is or if he is the original discoverer of this tricks, well hope you don’t mind hehe!!!. I don’t have this kind of phone but I assure that this tutorial is completely free and working, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. Ok! let us begin and keep it in your mind “Do this at your own risk“.


  • Rooting your phone does run the risk of potentially bricking it. Rooting also voids your warranty as per Cherry Mobile’s statement so do your homework before attempting anything.


How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare Using Root By Bin4ry Tool

How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare


  1. First be sure to turn USB debugging “ON/checked”. This can be done by simply going to Settings >> Development.
  2. After that download this Root By Bin4ry tool.
  3. Then install the drivers on your Computer, you can do that by downloading Moborobo and install it.
  4. Run the application and connect your Flare device, just follow all prompt so it installs the drivers. Once properly connected with Moborobo application, you can now exit to that program.
  5. Proceed on the extracted file of step no. 2, Run the RunMe.bat file.
  6. A cmd window will appear and when prompted for an option, just input “1” for Normal mode.
  7. Check your device and once asked for a restore, all you have to do is proceed. Restore and ignore the encryption password that it mentions and your device will automatically reboot.
  8. For rooted Cherry Mobile Flare, just check 1st for the SuperSU icon.


  • Credits to the original author/discoverer of this tricks.


  • This rooting method also works on Skyfire and Titan.

How To Root Cherry Mobile Flare

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