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Published On Dec 24, 2012 | By France Abaricia | Globe
Hello Guys, I just want to share this infomation for those Globe users that using Globe Bug SIM. I found this article posted by “Mgphoenix” member of Symbianize and you can see this thread at “”. I don’t know if this information is true, but other members said that this is only a joke and nothing to worry about that. Well it’s up to you.


Globe Telecom Inc., And Subsidiaries on Recent Exploits on its Network Infrastracture

Amidst of this year 2012, Globe has received numerous reports regarding an exploit in our system. The said exploit, has been known to be abused by users in order to access the internet for free through Globe Telecom’s network infrastracture, resulting into subsequent loss in the revenues of Globe Telecom, and its Subsidiaries.

Globe Telecom and Use of Intel Firms

In a certain document, three data intelligence companies outline a plan to track the source of exploits in Globe Telecom’s network infrastracture, and at the same time also acting upon request on certain law firms in regards with tracking the users who’ve abused the exploit – as per record confirmed on a certain user’s account. The prosed actions according to the slides include these actions:

Create concern over the security of the infrastructure.

Identification and patching routine of existing and future flaws over Globe Telecom’s network infrastracture is subject for change.

Search for leaks. Use social media to profile and identify risky behavior of users.

A certain set of people from the intel firms are now assigned for identifying the sources of such exploits.

Skimming through logs for user’s accountability.

Logs/Records is currently held and now being analyzed for instances of exploitation throughout the user’s network access through this year 2012. Log from several services offered by Globe Telecom, like Globe SMS and G-Cash are also queued.

Continuous surveilance on users of exploit, with or without consent.

The said records are subject for confirmation, whereas currently over 300,000 plausible entries are now being forwarded for log skimming.

Feedback By: BoyTuka

yung source nya, galing dun sa isang thread d2 sa symb na may attachment na .pdf file (nandun nakalagak ang kumpletong detalye ng LEAKED “kuno” (baka nga) na information ukol sa statement ng globe kaugnay sa bugging

kayo na ang humusga kung totoo, hanapin nyo lng yung thread na may attachment… kung hindi nyo mahanap edi download nyo nlng tong na DL ko kanina (nasa attachments). Source

Download: Globe.Telecom.Statement.pdf

Here is another thread “” created by Richardrr, You can download the file containing the list of Globe SIM number debugged by Globe Telecom.

What can you say about this leakage?

Post your opinion, suggestions, and idea about on this Globe Warning.


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