iPad Mini To Double 7 – Inch Tablet Market (Google Trends)

Published On Oct 23, 2012 | By France Abaricia | Tech News
iPad Mini To Double 7 - Inch Tablet Market (Google Trends)
(Credit: HardCandy Cases )

Hello Guys, I would like to share this one of topics trending in Google Trends actually this is a hot trends, it is the number 1 spots with a 100,000+ searches  (Tuesday, October 23, 2012) well see the image on the right side (click the image to enlarge) there are two frames protecting the iPad Mini in a middle, on the backside is the silicon outer frame for superior protection, All ports are covered and the other side is Poly Carbonate Structural Frame on the down side is integrated screen shield.

This is a one of exploded shot of the new case of iPad Mini with a purported leaked photo of the new, smaller iPad. Special thanks and credit to HardCandy Cases

For more info. about this hot trending topic, I recommend you to read this article written by Shara Tibken of  Cnet News.

Article Link: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57538078-94/ipad-mini-to-double-7-inch-tablet-market/

Cnet News
Shara Tibken
HardCandy Cases

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